Amanda Bouchillon: MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE
Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Amanda Bouchillon: MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE

A senior standout athlete, Amanda Bouchillon, is known to be the most versatile player on the North Greenville volleyball team.

 This Anderson, SC native is a well rounded individual; as not only an athlete but a student and person as well. She will complete a bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies this year, with a cumulative GPA of 3.3.
 As a multi-sport athlete growing up, Bouchillon competed in softball, basketball, and volleyball. She began playing sports as a young girl and continued her career at Crescent High School, and then to North Greenville University. Her quickness, strength, and work ethic made her stand out from other athletes in her area. When Amanda steps on the court, her team always knows they are going to receive one hundred percent effort from her.
Her career at NGU has been strictly based on versatility. In Bouchillon’s four years playing volleyball, she has started at three different positions.  Her freshman year, Bouchillon continued her normal position from high school as an outside hitter. However, she played all six rotations, because along with attacking, Amanda was also an accurate passer from the back row. This allowed the Crusader volleyball team to gain a well rounded player.
Bouchillon was changed to playing middle hitter, her sophomore year, while still going all six rotations.  Amanda was the best person to fulfill that position, due to her substantial vertical. She had a disadvantage being only 5’9” and having to go up against 6’1” opponents, but she did it successfully and became a dominate blocker. Bouchillon’s teammate, Brittany Drake, stated, “Amanda worked harder than anyone over the summer on improving her all around game, and it really showed up during the season.” This work ethic is what has always made Bouchillon stand out from other athletes.
The following year, North Greenville hired a new volleyball coach, Lauren Axson. Axson saw Bouchillon’s strength and accuracy and decided it would be in the team’s best interest to put Amanda back in the position where she was most comfortable, as outside hitter.  She was extremely successful at that position having nearly 200 kills her junior year. As if Bouchillon had not proved to everyone that she was capable of performing well at any position, she was faced with one final challenge.
This season, Bouchillon had to give up playing outside hitter once again, and was changed to playing the libero position.  The libero is an individual that specializes in defense. This person can come in for anyone on the team, however; they are only allowed to play back row and cannot hit from above the plain of the net. “Changing Bouchillon into a libero was a smart decision,” says teammate Devan Davidson, “because it does not matter how effective she is as a hitter if the ball does not get passed to target then it is difficult  to get a kill out of the play.” Coach Axson also commented by stating, “It would have been hard for most athletes to switch positions every year, but Bouchillon did it without complaining because she wanted what was best for the team.”
This amazing young lady has not only been a positive example for her teammates and peers on the court but also off as well. She has been the NGU Crusaders volleyball co-captain for the past two years, along with being named Chaplin. Davidson states, “Amanda is one of the only people that I know I can turn to when I have problems. She is a great listener along with offering Godly advice. She will never lead you astray.” 
An amazing quality that Bouchillon has is that she never let her success overtake her humility. In every good moment, Amanda takes the time to thank God, family, and teammates for her success.  “You will never hear her boasting on how she set a school record on making 44 digs against Columbia College, or how she is ranked in both NCAA and NCCAA in average digs per game”, says Axson.  Bouchillon is an exceptional all around person. When the volleyball team was asked about Amanda, the team agreed that it has been an honor and a privilege to have been able to get to know her, and they have become better people with this opportunity.