NGU Women's Soccer Among 65,000 at Passion 2020

NGU Women's Soccer Among 65,000 at Passion 2020
Monday, February 10, 2020
NGU Women's Soccer Among 65,000 at Passion 2020
North Greenville Women's Soccer saw in the New Year worshipping Christ at Passion 2020! The Women's Soccer players spent time strengthening their relationship with Christ along side 65,000 other Christians! 
“We didn’t get any sleep, we sat in freezing and raining weather for hours, stood for over 24 hours, but we did it so we could proclaim the Glory of the Lord. In my opinion that far out weighed the temporary inconveniences we faced. It’s crazy how God can take such a simple concept and turn it into an utter masterpiece called Passion Conference. God did and is still doing crazy things in the 65,000 people at Passion, and being apart of this experience gave me a new perspective on how I worship the Lord. I got to understand more in depth of how God is love, he is purpose, he is joy and he is so much more than we can ever know and I’m content with that. I caught myself questioning my purpose and reason for being in the stage of life I am in, and going to Passion, as Sunday school answer as it may sound, helped me realize God is my purpose. He is everything I need and more, and all I have to do is seek Him and I WILL find Him. One thing that stuck out to me in those 3 days, even though everything stuck out, was in order for God to move and do a work in your life you have to turn His page. You need to open the Word and see what God has for you, before God can ever turn your page fully. Just the thought of God working in my life was so powerful to me, and it made me think of the way I study Him and how I need to make it so much more personal. With all that being said I’m so thankful for every little thing that happened those three days, and I couldn’t imagine experiencing this with anyone other than some of my best friends. God is so much bigger than we thought and He loves you more than you know. More of Him and Less of me”
- Taylor
“Being able to freely worship the Lord along with 65,000 other college students was such a blessing. before going into passion 2020, i prayed the Lord would break my heart for my sins and that i would just be intentional and really take in each and every moment i was there. i am incredibly grateful for every moment i spent with with another brother or sister in Christ, lifting up the name of Jesus. Jesus shook mountains and broke chains that were holding me back from being able to fully understand and experience his joy in abundance.
I will never forget how the Lord moved my heart in such a short amount of time. more of Jesus, less of me.
I am making bold moves 2020. i am turning His page so He can turn mine. all for the glory of God.
May we be a generation who holds strong to our faith, seeks and speaks truth, and roars. roar loud for the Lord.”
- Ryan
“ Way maker, Miracle worker, Promise keeper, Light in the darkness, My God, that is who you are ! Passion 2020 was such an amazing experience that I wish everyone on this earth could experience! Over the span of the 3 days I was at Passion, I found myself stopping and looking around the stadium in utter amazement at the sight of raw, pure worship. Being surrounded by 65,000 college aged believers who chose to gather together over New Years and proclaim the name of the Most High was one of the craziest, jaw dropping, overwhelming, emotional, happiest moments of my life. The King of Glory is moving Today, yesterday, tomorrow, and EVERYDAY! Our God is so big and I’m pretty sure Heaven is going to look a lot like Passion 2020 and I’m so excited! Here’s to the new Roaring 20’s where I make it a lot less about me and a whole lot more about Jesus!”