NGU men's volleyball fundraiser

NGU men's volleyball fundraiser
Wednesday, September 6, 2017
NGU men's volleyball fundraiser

Dear Fans, Friends and Parents of North Greenville University Men’s Volleyball Players,

The Crusader men’s program will begin its fourth season of NCAA Division I competition in 2017-2018, and each subsequent year brings with it new successes and challenges.  We will put our first senior class on the court in the fall, and we continue to recruit the brightest young men to come to Tigerville to further our goal of competing for a Conference Carolinas championship, and the automatic bid to the NCAA Division I tournament that accompanies it.

The university has continued its gracious support of the team, but our objective of showing the country the love of Jesus Christ through our presence on the volleyball court in many places around the nation has been limited to mostly regional competition due to the lack of funding comparable to our competitors.  You may not realize it, but for NGU to win a national title, we would have to defeat notable schools like Ohio State, UCLA, Hawaii, Penn State, Pepperdine, Southern California or Loyola University.  There are not enough universities sponsoring men’s volleyball as an NCAA Division II national championship sport, so NGU falls into the NCAA Division I/II category.

One of our goals is to compete nationally like Lewis University in Chicago has done in recent years.  Lewis is a NCAA Division II institution like NGU, but they have been able to attract national caliber players to their ranks for a number of years now, and have reached the I/II national championship match.

North Greenville University would like to pursue a similar path.

I have decided to forego the ‘Go Fund Me’ approach in that I would prefer 100% of the proceeds that we raise goes directly to support the players and our objectives.  That puts a lot of the responsibility on the coaches and the players to generate the funds required to compete and equip the team in a quality manner.

Since we are one of the newest programs at NGU, our budget is not anywhere near what is necessary to gain the national exposure I would like to acquire for the university.  Many folks thought I was kidding when I said we were playing Pepperdine, Ohio State, Princeton, New Jersey Institute of Technology and Sacred Heart (CT), and competing in the George Mason fall tournament.  Our objective is to continue to grow the program and compete at the highest level of NCAA Men’s Volleyball.

With that, we need your help. 

I am including a tier structure that is a ‘wish list’ of where I would ideally like the program to go if the funding was available. 

  • Tier 1:    $2,500 - $5000:
  • This will enable us to purchase additional practice apparel (shirts, shorts, sweats and hoodies), equipment (block it, new volleyballs, new volleyball machine, practice nets, white board, video analysis software), and other supplies we cannot routinely afford due to budget limitations.
  • Tier 2:  $5000 - $10,000:
  • If we achieve the Tier 2 goal, we will be able to ­­fund longer trips to play intersectional opponents in the Midwest and the East.  This is an educational, as well as a competitive objective, in that the players get to travel and see different universities, gain incredible exposure for North Greenville across the country, and play against some of the nation’s finest men’s programs.  In the last two years, we traveled to Florida, Connecticut, and New Jersey for great matches, and we would like to travel to Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Pennsylvania in addition to a trip back to the Northeast.  These would be longer bus trips, but would be extensive in that each trip normally costs $3000-$4000.
  • Tier 3: $10,000 - $25,000+:
  • This a lofty goal for a small institution like North Greenville University, but God expects you to do big things with the gifts you have been given.  If we are able to raise this amount of money (or more), we can begin to plan a trip to the West Coast, Puerto Rico, or possibly undertake an overseas mission trip with the team. 

This season, we have trips planned to Ohio, Nashville, Tennessee, and Charleston, West Virginia in addition to our CC schedule and matches against regional opponents.

Many of you who receive this fund-raising appeal have been extremely generous to our program in the past.  I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to use that revenue to coach your sons, grandsons, cousins, or friends, and help them gain a first-class education at a Christ-centered, biblically sound university.  However, I am firm in my belief that by competing nationally, more people will see NGU in a different light and come to understand, and consider, exactly why we are spiking volleyballs in the first place. 

Please consider a generous gift to the NGU men’s volleyball program, and if you would like to specify an area for your gift within the program, please let me know.  All contributions are tax-deductible, and all funds will be used only for the Men’s Volleyball Team.

Again, thank you for your kind contribution in support of our program.  I am working hard to “Grow the Men’s Game,” and it is not possible without you.

CLICK HERE to find out how you can help! 

Thank you,

Fred Battenfield, Ph.D.

Head Men’s Volleyball Coach

North Greenville University

[email protected]

(864) 977-2076 office; (864) 517-2424 cell