Crusaders power past Shaw in non-conference match

Crusaders power past Shaw in non-conference match
Thursday, March 2, 2017
Crusaders power past Shaw in non-conference match

Tigerville, S.C. – North Greenville tennis picked up a pair of wins on Thursday night with 7-2 and 8-1 decisions over Shaw University.

NGU’s men put together an impressive performance starting with the double’s sweep. The Crusaders got wins in reverse order as Sjors van Eck and Edmundo Torres turned in the first victory with an 8-2 decision in the third spot. Austin Schlarb and William Greaves added the second point of the day with an 8-5 win in the two spo while Aejandra de la Torre and Dion Nijboer wrapped up the sweep with an 8-6 in the first position.

Van Eck earned his second win of the day as he made quick work of his Shaw Counterpart with a 6-1/6-0 lead which gave NGU a 4-0 edge. The match clinching point came early on as Greaves downed his opponent with a pair of 6-2 wins to give NGU a 5-0 lead and the match victory.

The Crusaders also got wins from Austin Schlarb (6-2/6-1) in the six spot, Edmundo Torres (6-1/6-2) in position five, and Dion Nijboer in the third position. Shaw’s only victory on Thursday came from the second position with a 4-3/3-6 victory.

The women’s team earned its second win of the season on Thursday. The Crusaders earned the first point of the day when Fernanda de Lucca and Camille Duhan earned an 8-4 double’s win. The lead was extended to two points when Faith Moyars and Graysen Elms followed suit with an 8-7 victory in the third position. The Bears got their first of two points in the one position doubles with an 8-7 victory.

The Crusaders carried the doubles momentum into singles, winning the first three singles matches. Kylie Sandusky got the solo sets off to a solid start with a 6-1/6-0 win which put NGU in the driver’s seat with a 3-1 edge. The Crusaders inched closer to the match victory when Camille Duhan turned in her second victory of the day with a 6-0/6-0 win which made the score 4-1 in favor of the Crusaders.

The match clinching point came from NGU’s Graysen Elms in the six position who put the game away with a 6-1/6-2 victory. The Crusaders also got wins from de Lucca (6-4/6-3) and Faith Moyars (7-6/4-6/15-13) in a hard fought victory. The Bears got their second win of the day in the one spot with a 3-6/0-6 win.

The women’s team will be back in action on Saturday afternoon when they host Converse College at 11am. NGU’s men will play its next match on March 8th against Erskine College at 2pm in Tigerville.