The Crusader Club was created to support the athletic programs at North Greenville University (NGU) by raising funds for athletic scholarships, operations, and facilities for student-athletes who participate in 20 NCAA Division II sports. Membership in the Crusader Club is open to individuals or organizations that support the overall educational mission of the institution and want to assist in transforming student-athletes in a challenging, Christ-centered environment.

At North Greenville University, we believe in a holistic educational approach where students develop academically, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually in an environment that promotes and integrates the Christian faith. In addition, we believe that quality athletic programs serve to enhance the overall educational experience for all enrolled students and promote growth along these dimensions of development for student-athletes.

Our overall desire is for student-athletes to be successful on and off the field while at North Greenville University and to equip them to be successful in life. The Crusader Club underscores this desire by making Christian higher education possible and affordable for student-athletes and their families.