The Front Lines: Andrea Davis battles COVID-19 with other NGU athletic trainers

The Front Lines: Andrea Davis battles COVID-19 with other NGU athletic trainers
Thursday, May 7, 2020
The Front Lines: Andrea Davis battles COVID-19 with other NGU athletic trainers

Tigerville - Last week we highlighted James Anderson and Nicole Clinton, a pair of North Greenville sports medicine professionals who are currently on the front line of the COVID-19 battle in Greenville. Not lost in the fray is another one of NGU's incredible athletic trainers in Andrea Davis. 

Davis is also a familiar face in the athletic training room in Hendrix Field House and an even more familiar face to NGU soccer and softball players, working with the two programs more intimately. Davis is now lending a healing hand in the city of Greenville as she helps with the ongoing pandemic. 

What led you to serve in this capacity?

As Athletic Trainers, we are one of the many healthcare workers that have to expect the unexpected every day we go to work. COVID19 was something we did not expect at all. When we were asked to go help with the COVID19 -I knew that God held it on my heart to go serve our community and nation to help stop the spread.

What specifically have each of your duties been at the specific hospitals you have been working at?

I have been a screener at Prisma Health Greenville Memorial Hospital Emergency Department (GMH).
I have also been a site manager at North Greenville Hospital and GMH. (A site manager helps monitor healthcare workers that have to go in and out of COVID19 patients rooms.)

What has this experience been like for you so far?

It has been challenging but also a great way to show how much athletic trainers are actually qualified to do. At first, I was really bitter that this was happening but God showed me that this was going to be a way to show the world that we Athletic Trainers are for everyone, not just athletes. I think it has also been a time to pour Jesus' love into people and their families and friends at a time like this where there is so much uncertainty and fear about everything.

What is something that you want every reader to know about the COVID-19 virus in regards to their own health and what you have been seeing in the hospitals?

COVID19 is something that attacks everyone- no matter age, sex, or what type of health you are currently in. I call it the sneaky killer. I have seen numerous patients just come in not feeling good and then by the end of my 12-hour shift they are taking the worse turn. I have also seen many more success stories. All healthcare workers at this time are working full force to make sure you stay healthy - PLEASE stay at home, practice social distancing, and help us get through this!

Any other message you have for those reading!?

I want to thank the NGU community for all the prayers, love, goodies, and treats that have been given to me. The best part of my days are random text from the NGU athletes and coaches telling me that they are thankful for me and praying for me! So blessed to be a Crusader!!