NGU Named Inaugural Winner of Body, Mind & Soul Award
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

North Greenville has been named the inaugural winner of the Body, Mind & Soul Award. The award is the newest by the Conference Carolinas, and will be awarded each year to the conference institution with the best average rankings in the Hawn Cup, Allan Sharp and Messick awards. NGU finished 2nd in both the Allan Sharp and Messick award rankings, and 4th in the Hawn Cup standings. 

The Allan Sharp award goes to the institution with the highest graduation rate among athletes of conference-sponsored teams while the Hawn Cup is awarded to the institution that shows the highest rating of excellence in conference-sponsored sports. Finally, the Messick Sportsmanship Award is won by the institution that shows the highest degree of sportsmanship, and takes into account the number of individual sport Messick Awards won during the season.