North Greenville Defeats SWU in First Home Match of Season

September 26, 20181st2nd3rd4thFinal
Southern Wesleyan212524141
North Greenville251926253
SWUTeam StatsNGU
.117Hitting Pct..182
137Total Attacks143
Olivia Johnson - 15
KillsPaige Beisecker - 14
Annika Jones - 32
AssistsSara Miller - 29
Annika Jones - 2
AcesJohna Robbins - 3
Katie Anderson - 17
DigsSara Miller - 15
Sarah Stone - 4
BlocksPaige Beisecker - 1
Sara Miller - 1
Annie Beisecker - 1
Emma Pepper - 1
Rachel Miller - 1
North Greenville Defeats SWU in First Home Match of Season
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
By Josh Bradley
North Greenville Defeats SWU in First Home Match of Season

Set 1

Early on in the first set, it was neck and neck as Southern Wesleyan and North Greenville traded points on the way to a 5-5 tie. This would set the tone for the first half of the set as the two teams would go back and forth to once again tie at 13-13. Southern Wesleyan would race out to a 17-15 lead before North Greenville would tie it again. From there, North Greenville would go on a run making it 23-18 before finishing out the set with a kill by Kasie Thomas with the assist coming from Eaden Shockley to clinch a first set win 25-21. North Greenville was led by Paige Beisecker and Rachel Miller each with 4 kills apiece. Sara Miller led the crusaders with 8 assists in the first set.

Set 2

The second set would prove to be no different as both Southern Wesleyan and North Greenville would trade rallies to a 7-7 tie early in the second set. North Greenville would race ahead to a 13-10 lead and would extend it to 16-12 with a kill by Rachel Miller off an assist from Sara Miller. Southern Wesleyan would not go away as they would erase that deficit and race out to an 20-17 lead. The warriors would not relinquish the lead as they would finish the set on a 5-2 run and win the set 25-19. The warriors were led by Olivia Johnson with 4 kills. Annika Jones would lead the warriors with 6 assists.

Set 3

The third set would start off a little different as the crusaders would storm out to an 8-2 lead. Although the teams would trade points North Greenville would not give up the lead even with Southern Wesleyan knocking on the door at 17-16. But the warriors would tie it up at 20 late in the third set with a kill from Davis Hendricks off the assist from Annika Jones. The warriors would go down 21-20 only to tie it up again at 21. The warriors would fall behind 24-21 before tying it back up at 24 all. But the crusaders would not be denied as they would deliver the final blow with a kill by Annie Beisecker with the assist coming from Sara Miller. In the set, Annie Beisecker led the crusaders with a whopping 7 kills and Sara Miller led the crusaders with 9 assists as the crusaders take a 2 set to 1 lead over the warriors heading into the fourth set.

Set 4

The start of the fourth set would prove to be like the first and second set as the crusaders and warriors would battle out to a 5-4 crusader lead. The crusaders would then go on a 5-1 run and extend the lead to 10-5 going into a warrior’s timeout. The crusaders would retain the lead all the way up to as much as 17-9. The crusaders would proceed to extend their lead to 10 points at 24-13 before winning the set 25-14 and winning the match 3 sets to 1. The crusaders dominated the fourth set never relinquishing the lead with the warriors getting as close as 5-4 before the crusaders took over.


North Greenville

            Kills: Paige Beisecker: 14

                      Annie Beisecker: 11

                        Team: 52

            Assists: Sara Miller: 29

                          Eaden Shockley: 16

                         Team: 36

Southern Wesleyan

            Kills: Olivia Johnson 15

                      Katie Anderson: 10

                        Team: 40

            Assists: Annika Jones: 32

                          Katie Anderson: 3

                          Team: 52


North Greenville: Thursday September 27th, 2018: vs. Truett Mcconnell University

                             Friday September 28th, 2018: vs. Converse College

Southern Wesleyan: Friday September 28th, 2018: vs. Limestone