Mosely's focus remains on players, not milestones
Thursday, October 29, 2015
Mosely's focus remains on players, not milestones

Check head women's volleyball coach Greg Mosely's career goal list and you won't see statistics. You won't see numbers, wins or even championships. While he does admit these things are important, they are not the ultimate goal.

"The awards and accolades are nice, but it's all about the players," said Mosely. "Ultimately, I want to use the sport to impact young people's lives."

Mosely earned his 100th win a week ago and has done an incredible job in giving life to the North Greenville volleyball program, but his focus is on the people that make the program, not the statistics themselves.

Coach Mosely didn't even begin his coaching career in volleyball. In fact, it wasn't a sport that was even on his radar, until he met his wife, a former volleyball player herself. While coaching a couple of other sports, he and his wife began playing recreationally and he found he had a passion for the game. As the Athletic Director at a school in Raliegh, N.C., his wife stepped down from coaching and teaching and he took over the position.

"Honestly, there was a need. I had helped my wife coach the year before and after she stepped down, I just took over," said Mosely.

From there began an illustrious career in the high school coaching ranks, including coach of the year awards, many wins and a few championships. But, one of the highlights of his career was the opportunity to step up and coach at the collegiate level.

"My daughter had gone to North Greenville, I had a relationship with [Athletic Director] Jan MacDonald and she gave me a chance."

In 2010, he took the position as head coach with the charge from MacDonald to ‘turn the corner' for North Greenville Volleyball. After five years, and 100 wins, he believes this team has done it.

"We've preached it for a few years now and I believe this team has finally accomplished the task; academically, character-wise and competitively they have turned the corner." Now, he says, is the crucial time for the women. Will they complete the turn? "Our goal every year is 20 regular season wins and 10 conference wins, and this year we have a chance to do just that. After a few seasons of 19 wins, these girls have a chance to complete the process."

By achieving this goal every year, he believes this program can be competitive and, hopefully, win a few championships and NCAA Tournament bids along the way.

After five and a half years, he's achieved what most people would call a milestone. 100 wins is an impressive accomplishment, one that has never been done in North Greenville's volleyball program history. But for him, it's all about the players, both past and present. "To see this team is to see the fruits of the labor of five years of work, and its more than just a boost in competitiveness," he said. "If it was about wins and losses, it's empty."

Mosely looks to develop girls into young women, who will achieve things greater than they can imagine because of the way they were taught in college. Mosely added, "hopefully they use volleyball as a tool to impact the generation behind them as well."

North Greenville will look to turn the corner tonight in Hayes Gymnasium at 7pm against Pfieffer, on Senior Night.