Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Greenville, TN- The North Greenville women’s tennis team dropped its first match of the 2014, dropping a 9-0 decision to Tusculum College. 

This year’s lady crusaders have a team mixed with veteran players, and some freshman.

The first match of the season for the lady crusaders would start with doubles. Maria Vargas and Rebecca Beacham two of the older girls on the team would match up against Kealee Heffner and Kate Hutchinson from Tusculum. This would be won by Tusculum with ease buy a score of 8-2. Next up for NGU would be Aline Ribeiro and Camille Duhan they would go up against Erin Mills and Amanda Sumner, again this match up would go to Tusculum by a score of 8-1. The Final doubles set would bring us Ann Hayden Huxford and Hartley Smith for the Crusaders against Franziska Funke and Adrienne Kaye for the Pioneers. Once again the Pioneers take this one 8-0. 

For North Greenville the lady crusaders hope to get something out of there first match of the season with singles play up next. Kealee Heffner for Tusculum defeated NGU’s Maria Vargas (6-2),(6-2). Next for Tusculum would be Erin Mills up against Rebecca Beacham for the crusaders, but once again the Pioneers take it (6-0),(6-1). The next set NGU would be a little more competitive, but would still fall short as Kate Hutchinson would take it (6-2),6-3) over Aline Ribeiro. It just wasn’t the day for the lady crusaders as Camille Duhan would fall (6-1),(6-2). Christina MJ Kiessling would fall (6-0), (6-0). 

The Crusaders take the court on September 30th, when they host Mars Hill in the first match hosted at NGU’s new Vance Tennis Complex on the Campus of North Greenville University.