Womens Tennis ”Cautiously Optimistic”
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Womens Tennis ”Cautiously Optimistic”

Head Tennis Coach, Mark Elliot, has very high expectations for this 2009 spring season. The Women’s team is the “strongest” Elliot has ever coached at NGU.

For three years the North Greenville Women’s tennis team was blessed with Teresita Mariani, who “was the best female tennis player to ever play at North Greenville,” said Elliot. However, “It was Teresita and Teresita.” The team did not have much depth. Without her and without much new talent last year, the team suffered a less than outstanding season. This year there are four new girls thrown in the mix - Katherine Shaw, Sarah Stanga, Cassie Curtis, and Natalie Stewart. “One through six are fairly equal – no standouts, but a lot of depth,” remarked Elliot. The women are still working hard and competing for their spot in the top six.

Cassie Curtis is the younger sister of third year veteran Cherie Curtis who is also playing on the team.

Hopefully the two Curtis sisters can give North Greenville a little bit of a Williams-like chemistry and really bring home some solid victories this season.

The Women’s first match is home against Shaw University Feb. 5 at 3 p.m.