"ISI" Camp One Week Away

"ISI" Camp One Week Away
Friday, August 3, 2018
By NGU Coaching Staff

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." ~Proverbs 27:17

"ISI" (Iron Sharpens Iron) preseason camp is just about a week away from starting and that means the kick off of the Iron Games (tests of soccer skills), conditioning tests, two a day training, scrimmages, team bonding in the mountains and more.  Over the course of almost two weeks the girls will be pushed and challenged to be their best by each other and the coaching staff to help prepare for the upcoming season.

Coming off one of the best seasons in program history and a first ever Conference Carolinas Semi-Final appearance, the returning Lady Crusaders, along with an immnesely talented incoming freshman class, are ready for the challenge ahead.  Senior Michaela Gleed comments that "learning and studying more about the game and getting to know my teammates better both new and old" is something she is anxious to do this season.  

The girls have been hard at work all summer putting practice time on the field and in the weight room hoping to continue the success the program saw last year.  That success doesn't come just by chance.  The girls have created a culture of hard work and competitiveness to make themselves and teammates better.  They also invest in each other off the field and hold one another accountable to form a tight nit group that is not just a team but more like a family.  Incoming Freshman Shelby Shepherd understands the core values of the program and the mindset each player is encouraged to display.  She stated that "I'm looking forward to pushing myself to my limits and getting to know the team well".  

Success is not guaranteed but you can be sure that starting in about a week this group of girls will enter camp ready to work hard and do their best to acheive it.