Friday, September 19, 2014
In the grand scheme of life, few would describe a round of golf as a “life or death” situation (for some, this might depend on how they played that day, and what was on the line). However for Lauren Childs, a junior on the North Greenville women’s golf team, her round of golf turned into a life or death situation. 

“I was standing on the green when I saw him. I wasn’t sure what I was seeing, but I looked harder and could see his entire body laying face down on the grass with a lawnmower on the other side of him.” Childs described the situation as she stood on the 15th green at Carolina Country Club in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The women’s golf team was battling its way through the first tournament of the season, when she saw an elderly man laying in his back yard face down. “I saw him reach up and grab the mower with his right arm and try to pull himself up, but his body didn’t move at all. That is when I realized he was in trouble.”

Childs immediately sprung into action. “I knew I had to get to him as fast as I could,” said Childs. “As soon as the girl I was playing with hit, I took off running towards him, and everyone started running after me.” As Lauren Childs and two others from her group reached the man, her past CPR and first aid training took over. She immediately rolled the man over on to his back, pulling off his shoes as the man was profusely sweating, and elevating his feet while spectators dialed 911. “I have been trained in CPR but it has been years ago. Fortunately for him, the other two girls I was playing with were training to be nurses, so we worked to get him in the correct position. The only life saving technique I know is prayer. The moment I laid eyes on the man, I started praying.”

“Golf is a great game that comes with many life lessons,” said assistant coach Brad Caldwell. “Every day when we compete and practice, we have an opportunity to impact people’s lives, but it is very rare to have an opportunity to save someone’s life. We and Mr. Jerry are very thankful that Lauren and her playing competitors reacted like they did. Lauren and those girls are true heroes.”

The Crusaders finished the tournament in second place, but more importantly, a life was saved. “Now that I have had time to think over what happened I am thankful. I heard word yesterday that the man is recovering and he is going to be okay. I am thankful that God gave me the strength to handle the situation because it has changed my life. I learned that Go will use his people in ways that you could never imagine.”

Many after reading, or hearing this story wouldn’t hesitate to call Lauren and her counterparts, heroes. In fact, most will go through life without being placed in a situation such as this, having to save someone’s life, but Childs says otherwise. “If someone called me a hero, I would tell them, ‘I’m no hero.’ I am just a tool God used to help a man in need.”