North Greenville Shutout by Division I Wofford
Thursday, February 18, 2016
North Greenville Shutout by Division I Wofford

Spartanburg, S.C. - The NGU men's and women's tennis teams dropped a pair of non-conference matches on Thursday as the Terriers earned a set of 7-0 wins over the Crusaders.

In Doubles: Haris Poric and Parks Thompson defeated Sergio Araujo and Jose Gomez 6-4 at the no. 1 spot, David Sklar and Trevor Gotkowski defeated Sjors van Eck and Alejandro de la Torre 6-2 in the no. 2 spot, and Alan Poric and Andrew Graham defeated Marcelo Yshikawa and Eduardo Santana 6-0 in the no. 3 spot.

In Singles: Haris Poric defeated Sjors van Eck 6-1/6-4 in the no. 1 spot, Alan Poric defeated Sergio Araujo 6-3/6-0 in the no. 2 spot, Parks Thompson defeated Alejandro de la Torre 6-2/6-2 in the no. 3 spot, Trevor Gotkowski defeated Jose Gomez 6-3/6-2 in the no. 4 spot, David Sklar defeated Marcelo Yshikawa 6-3/6-1 in the no. 5 spot, and Jack Thomas defeated Edmundo Torres 6-0/6-1 in the no. 6 spot.

The Crusaders will host Tusculum College on February 25th at 1pm at Vance Tennis Complex.