Swinging into a New Season
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Swinging into a New Season

Head Coach, Jeff Pittillo, and all his last season starters have returned for Spring 2009. Juniors Brad Caldwell, Brandon Coggins, and Richard Smith along with sophomores Harrison Martin and Andrew Beck make up Pittillo’s tenacious top five.

This year’s line-up is not the only thing familiar for this team, but the same highly competitive NCAA and NCCAA Division II teams will appear in NGU’s five regular season matches.

Caldwell and Coggins are third year veterans for North Greenville and have been around for some monumental victories, including qualifying for the NCAA Division II regional championships every year since they have been on the team. It is their hope, as well as Coach Pittillo’s, to qualify again this year and keep up the steady improvement they have seen for the past three years.

Unlike other sports, golf does not have as much of an off-season, and plays competitively in both the fall and spring seasons. This past fall the team finished third at the NCCAA Division II nationals down in Panama City, Fla.

The Crusader’s will be traveling back to Panama City on Feb. 1, for their first spring match. Hopefully their familiarity with the course and their recent success with that local will serve as a virtual “home field” like advantage and the team can do an even better than their prior performance.