Recruiting Recap: Soren Olsen
Thursday, September 25, 2014
Recruiting Recap: Soren Olsen
Tigerville, SC - Head Coach, Chad Lister is pleased to announce the final roster spot has been filled by Soren Olsen from Copenhagen, Denmark.  Soren grew up in Europe but attended high school in Florida at Faith Baptist, and The Rock High School. 

Soren is no stranger to success both at home and in Florida.  In Europe, Soren was a member of the Danish National Team that finished 2nd at the European Championships.  He was also on the Club Team that won the Danish National Championship, and the Nordic Championship.  In Florida, Soren’s high school team won the Independent State Championship and finished the year nationally ranked among all classifications.  Soren is majoring in International Business.

Coach Lister on Soren:  “We feel very blessed to have Soren here at North Greenville.  Soren was a late addition to our roster.  With him being an international student there were a number of hoops to get through in a short amount of time.  Thankfully our admissions staff, specifically Mrs. Katie Lynn Marshall, proved yet again that they are dedicated to the student, and are the hardest working staff you’ll find.  Soren is an outstanding perimeter shooter and has a very high understanding of the game.  He has played at the highest level in Denmark for his age group, and comes from two great coaches in Florida, Ryan Pannone and Justin Harden.  Our guys love hearing about his culture and background.  He has definitely been the most talked about guy around the office.  We love that he is here and are excited about his future with us.”

Soren on North Greenville:  “What's been most important through this process is the help from my old high school coach, Ryan Pannone.   He has been great helping me through all the obstacles of being in Denmark for the past year. My family as well has always been supportive of my decision and guided me in the right direction.  I chose NGU because they were willing to take a chance on me, and I felt like it was a place I could call home.  I am excited for the season to start and for this team to grow together. I am also hype about all the American Coca-Cola I will be drinking this year.”