Spring Break in New Orleans; NGU football players spend a week in Hollygrove Community

Spring Break in New Orleans; NGU football players spend a week in Hollygrove Community
Monday, March 12, 2018
Spring Break in New Orleans; NGU football players spend a week in Hollygrove Community

Spring Break! We all remember the excitement. One final week to relax and put studying on the back burner before the grind of the March and April. A full on marathon to the last day of school. Rightfully so, students often use this week to reconnect with friends and family, go on a quick vacation, or just sit at home and relax. Some students go in a more….Non-traditional route.

This was the case of a select number of North Greenville University football players who took this week to travel to Louisiana missions trip to work with Jesus project Ministries, a non-profit outreach in the heart of Louisiana. Jesus Project Ministries, residing in New Orleans uses sports, academics, and other means to reach and disciple children, youth, and adults living in impoverished and marginalized communities.

Along with several other missions teams from the university that traveled all over the world, NGU's group of student-athletes used their status as football players to minister to the New Orleans community, playing games, running drills, and reading t children at different schools such as Lafayette Academy, Dunbar Elementary School, and Kipp Academy. The group which included Tracy Scott (running back), Micheal Thomas (offensive line), Josh Chester (defensive end), Jew Bell (offensive line), Dom Richardson (tight end), and Eddie Martin (Linebacker) also spent some time at Hollygrove Senior Center, playing "Bingo" with the community elderly.

"This is our third year in a row where players have invested in the lives of people who live in the Hollygrove Community during spring break," said Brian Spearman, the team chaplain for NGU football and organizer of the annual trip. "Every year it is amazing to see how the children and truly look up to these players, coaches, and youth who go. Seeing it makes worth it. More than anything, sharing Christ in a community that we have grown to love makes everything worth it."

"It was really the first time i had been in an environment like that, so it was really eye opening," Micheal Thomas said. "It was inspiring hanging out with the kids and seeing the impact we had on them in just a short time. We could really tell that we left it in a better place than it was when we got there."

The trip was documented by Brayden Allen, an intern for Marietta First Baptist Church who also tagged along on the trip! The video can be found by CLICKING HERE or clicking the play button on the picture to the right of the article. For more information on Jesus Project Ministries, please follow the links provided below.

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