Saturday, April 25, 2009

North Greenville University’s new football coach Jamey Chadwell had three goals for the 2009 Spring Crusader Football Game held Saturday morning at Younts Stadium: 

1) Play one hard quarter to demonstrate to his players how hard they’ve got to work before the team’s opener in the fall; 2) have some hilarious fun in the stands to get the community directly involved with the program; and 3) do an amazing imitation of a young Bear Bryant!
The final score was not of any major consequence (it was something like 62-57 offense), but based on the scoring system devised by the NGU coaching staff that rewarded items like QB sacks, 3 and outs, tackles for loss, alongside touchdowns and field goals, the game was decided late when C.T. Morton hit two three pointers from 18 feet (oops – wrong game).
“We tried to play one quarter of a clean football game where we perhaps showed some of our players what they need to learn to play college football,” Chadwell said.  “I was a little disappointed with the turnovers and penalties, but we came out injury free, and that’s a plus.”
Sophomores Richard Harb and C.T. Morton split the duties at quarterback for the two separate teams, and both showed signs of being ready to compete for the starting job in the fall.  “Richard threw the ball very well and had some good solid reads,” Chadwell analyzed.  “C.T. also had a very solid spring and he’s going to play a lot of downs for us in the future.  Fred McMoore also looked good at tailback as he had several long runs and scored two touchdowns. 
Our defense has set the tone for us all spring and they’ll be the foundation of our team in the fall.  On offense, we’ve got to have some players mature pretty quick, and we’ll be looking for some recruits to come in and play right away.   With the exception of Harb, I don’t think we have any starters returning on offense.”
“We ended the spring on a good note and we’ll be working all summer to get ready for our first game,” Chadwell added.
McMoore, Terrance Covin, Thomas Fleming, Chris Grady had most of the carries on the ground, but receiver Sean Wright caught five passes in the first half. 
Chadwell’s second objective was for the fans to have a fabulous time at the game.  Backed by the NGU Crusader Marching Band and a full squad of cheerleaders, Chadwell went into the stands during the game, and had the fans call the plays.  Dr. Ralph Johnson, Dean of the College of Business and Sport Professions at NGU, actually called a play that resulted in a rushing touchdown.  Johnson, a Pennsylvania native, was quoted after the game as saying he was sending Joe Patero a resume for an offensive coaching job.  The new NGU coach also aided in collecting over 200 pounds of food that will be donated to needy families in the Tigerville community.  Additionally, Aramark provided a fantastic barbecue lunch following the game.
In the final period of the game, fans made cash donations to call plays, and freshman Taylor Malphrus (a WR) surprised Chadwell with a 15 yard gain from tailback.  Other amazing plays included Jamaur Bennett (a defensive lineman) catching a pass, defensive back Jereme Green breaking off tackle on offense for four yards, and other “interesting” configurations that won’t be seen again until next spring.
And finally, Chadwell, displaying a sense of history and perhaps a bit of je ne sais quoi, donned a sterling tweed Bear Bryant hat and looked quite dapper in his first appearance on the Younts Stadium sideline.  Keep it up Coach; we’re behind NGU football all the way!