4 downs...with running back Matt Moore
Friday, September 21, 2007
4 downs...with running back Matt Moore

Sports Information assistant John Lamb caught up with junior running back Matt Moore as the Crusaders prepare for Edward Waters University on Sautday, September 22nd...

First Down: Obvious question first, how are you recovering from your injury during the Newberry game and when do you plan on returning to the field?

"My injury is coming along well, after a week of rest I have been able to remember the game and know where everything is. I should be able to play next week (Charleston Southern) but I have to make sure that my headaches are all gone so next week is (the date) I am targeting."

Second Down: How is the team's attitude after playing three close games?

"The team morale is kind of low but everyone is still staying positive because we have a lot of potential. Due to a lot of injuries, a lot of people are a little discouraged but we have faith and we believe that we are gonna finish (strong) the rest of the season."

Third Down: What about your numbers for the season? (118 yards per game and 4 TD's)

"The numbers speak for itself but I'm not really an individual person, whatever I can do to help the team is my goal."

Fourth Down: Playing Edward Waters this Saturday (September 22), and with Charleston Southern, Presbyterian, and NC Central coming up, is it hard to look past this week?

"Due to our record, we can't afford to look over anyone. We looked over the first two teams and we lost. We were way more talented than those two teams and we ended up losing. We are gonna take it one game at a time and we are gonna get it done."