4 Downs with...Assistant coach Ryan Taylor
Friday, August 31, 2007
4 Downs with...Assistant coach Ryan Taylor

One more day until Kickoff 2007! Are you ready? Do you know the inside scoop? Recently we caught up with wide receivers coach Ryan Taylor...

First Down: How have your wide receivers progressed through the preseason?

“We have had lots of improvement since the first week of practice.The veteran players set the tempo early in camp, and the freshmen have followed their lead. I can not say enough about the returning players, if you watch the way the guys practice you will understand why they play well on Saturday.”

Second Down: How does having the entire receiving corps back from last season impact the 2007 season?

“Having the entire receiving corps back allowed us to work on becoming more rounded as a group rather than having to learn plays. With the group’s knowledge of the offense it allows us to play guys in different positions which could cause match-up problems for our opponents.”

Third Down: What scares you most about UVA-Wise’s defense?

“UVA-Wise defense is very multiple in their fronts and coverage. They bring pressure from every direction and the secondary does a good job in coverage whether they play zone or man.”

Fourth Down: What intangible is most important for a college receiver to possess?

“Body control, which is the ability to adjust your body while moving, and hand-eye coordination are both intangibles that wide receivers need to possess, but I feel that the most important intangible is the desire for your team to be successful. A wide receiver may catch 6 passes a game—that leaves 55-75 plays that he has to either block, run a fake, or run a route. What makes our receiving corps so successful is that they do not care who gets the credit, they just want to win. And they do all the little things that helps our team win.”