4 Downs with...Head coach Mike Taylor
Friday, August 10, 2007
4 Downs with...Head coach Mike Taylor

Today we are introducing a new weekly series entitled 4 Downs with...Each installment will feature a short interview with a Crusader coach or player to track the 2007 from an insider's point of view. SID Rhett Burns recently caught up with head coach Mike Taylor...

First Down: Describe the intensity of the opening week of practice.

"I think we have been practicing with high energy. Our older players have come back in good condition, so we are able to do some things we haven't benn able to do the last few years."

Second Down: How is your offensive and defensive installation schedule progressing?

"We are on schedule. We aren't quite as far along as I would like, but we are certainly doing well."

Third Down: Have any injuries set you back during the preseason?

"We have three or four freshmen who are struggling with some aches and pains, but have had no major injuries."

Fourth Down: Have their been any suprises in the opening week?

"No, not really. It will be interesting to see how they play in full contact tomorrow afternoon. Our returners have come back in great condition. We have some young running backs and linebackers who are looking good and can help us."