Tate finishes season #1, Mosley moves up NCAA D-II Statistics
Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Tate finishes season #1, Mosley moves up NCAA D-II Statistics

TIGERVILLE, SC- Isaac Tate and Travis Mosley finished their North Greenville careers high in the hearts of the Crusader faithful and high in the latest statistics released by the NCAA. Tate maintained his position as the number one solo tackler in NCAA Division II. He had a 6.8 solo tackles per game average. Tate is also ranked sixth in total tackles with an 11.7 per game average.

Mosley finished a stellar career with two straight four-touchdown, 200-yard games. Mosley's four touchdowns carried him from 41st place to 17th in scoring. He also moved up to 24th in rushing, and also entered the statistics in a new category. He is now ranked 38th in All-Purpose yards.

Chad Castor holds on to his spot at number two in forced fumbles, and Adrian Escalona is ranked 46th in Field Goals per game. As a team, North Greenville was ranked in the top 50 in two categories. The Crusaders are ranked 38th in rushing offense and 41st in total offense.

The Crusader had a 3-8 record this season, ending with a record-setting 64-27 victory over Allen University last Saturday.