Built in 2014, Vance Tennis Complex is the home of North Greenville tennis. The complex is the tennis program's second facility in its history and features nine courts, locker rooms, and coach offices.



When North Greenville joined the NCAA Division II in 2001, the program had an issue as the tennis complex at the time, which was located beside Hayes Gymnasium, did not have enough courts to host matches. As a result, NGU's home matches were played at Greer Tennis Club in nearby Greer, SC while the on-campus complex became used only for practices. Today, the old complex is now used as a parking lot.

In 2013, work on the much-needed Vance Tennis Complex began. The complex was completed in 2014, and NGU was finally able to host tennis matches on-campus once again.



Updates to Vance Tennis Complex in the future will include a lighting system.


Last Updated: January 10, 2018