Built in 1984, Ashmore Field is one of only two athletic facilities still on the main campus. Over the years, it has proven to be a true home-field advantage for the Crusaders. In the past two seasons, NGU has 37 victories and just 4 losses at Ashmore Field.

Dimensions (In Feet)

  • Left: 330
  • Left-Center: 355
  • Center: 385
  • Right-Center: 365
  • Right: 330



Ashmore Field is located next to an intramural field where the old baseball field used to be. Although the intramural field remains, most traces of the old baseball field are long gone with the only exception being portions of the right field wall.

Top: Intramural Field Late 1970s
Bottom: Intramural Field Today

Realizing that baseball needed its own field (and also probably realizing the safety hazard that was right field), the go-ahead was given to build the new baseball field. The new field was completed in 1984, and NGU baseball officially had its own facility, a luxury for the athletic programs at the time.

Ashmore Field Then

The field was officially dedicated Ashmore Field on February 19, 1997. In 2000, the dugouts were renovated and increased in size. The Ashmore Field Clubhouse was also built above the home dugout. Until 2000, there was no official seating at Ashmore Field. Instead, fans were encouraged to bring their own chairs and sit on top of the banks along the baselines. However, due to the addition of the Clubhouse, many fans were blocked from being able to see the entire field. In response, seating was added behind home plate where it remains today.

In 2001, a new scoreboard was installed in right field. That scoreboard lasted only two years as a bad storm destroyed it during the 2003 season. A game against Montreat had to be cancelled because the scoreboard was on the field in pieces and could not be removed in time. The current scoreboard replaced it immediately after, but the decision was made to place the new scoreboard at its current position in left field to decrease the chances of it being damaged by wind.

The most recent major update to Ashmore Field is the lighting system, which was installed just in time for the start of the 2014 season. On February 18, 2014, North Greenville played its first ever home night game against Tusculum College.

A unique feature of Ashmore Field is the fact that it faces west. Home plate was originally planned to be placed where left field is today, which would have resulted in the field facing north. However, home plate ended up being moved to its current position in order to have a scenic view in center field. Because of this decision, a late-afternoon baseball game at Ashmore Field usually features the legendary sun delay.



Ashmore Field will undergo many upgrades in the near future. Currently underway is the construction for a Sports Turf playing surface, which is being installed by Sportscapes Construction. The entire field will be replaced with synthetic turf except for the pitcher's mound, which will remain dirt. The next upgrade will be a brand new Nevco scoreboard that will replace the current scoreboard in left field. These two upgrades are planned to be completed in time for the 2018 season.

Other future updates will include a stadium entrance, pressbox, stadium seating, and a new fieldhouse.


Last Updated: Januray 5, 2018