In order to participate in intercollegiate athletics, you must maintain your athletic and academic eligibility. Your coach, the Compliance Office, NGU's NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative, and the Athletic Director work together to ensure adherence to all NCAA rules and regulations regarding eligibility. NCAA rules may seem complicated; they ensure that all teams play according to the same rules, with no team having an unfair competitive edge. Great effort is made by the administration to see that you and all staff members are familiar with these rules and understand that any deviation from them, whether knowingly or through ignorance, is not condoned by the athletic department or North Greenville University.

Be aware of regulations concerning outside competition or the acceptance of any prizes, cash, or merchandise. If you have any doubts at all, contact your coach or the Compliance Office before becoming involved.


Your eligibility to participate in athletics is based upon your academic performance as well as on your adherence to a variety of non-academic eligibility regulations.


  1. Remain academically eligible to attend NGU by maintaining a grade-point average that places you in good academic standing;
  2. Successfully complete 24 applicable semester credits per academic year, or a minimum of 12 applicable semester credits for each term of attendance at NGU; and
  3. Declare a major no later than the beginning of your fifth semester or your third year of enrollment and, thereafter, complete the required credits in courses applicable to your designated degree.
  4. Student-athletes must earn 75 percent of the credits needed for satisfactory progress during the regular academic year. No more than 25 percent of the required credits for satisfactory progress may be earned in the summer.


Rules require that you must be a full-time degree-seeking student in order to represent North Greenville in athletics. This means you must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours of course work at NGU. You are ineligible to practice or compete if at any time:

  • Your registration falls below 12 credits;
  • Your registration or admission is canceled; or
  • You withdraw from North Greenville University.


In order to remain eligible to compete after your first academic year (or after one season of eligibility), you must continue to make satisfactory progress toward your degree. Upon enrollment, you must pass a minimum of 24 applicable hours each academic year; or average a minimum of 12 applicable hours for each semester of attendance at NGU. Further, student-athletes must earn 75 percent of the credits needed for satisfactory progress during the regular academic year. No more than 25 percent of the required credits for satisfactory progress may be earned in the summer.

A student-athlete shall meet the "satisfactory completion" provision of this requirement by maintaining a grade-point average that places the individual in good academic standing, as established by the institution for all students who are at an equivalent stage of progress toward a degree. To fulfill the "satisfactory completion" provision of this requirement must achieve a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.000 (based on a maximum of 4.000) at the beginning of the fall term or at the beginning of any other regular term of that academic year, based on the student-athlete earning.


You must declare a major before your fifth semester or third year. To do this, you must formally enroll in a specific baccalaureate degree program or obtain approval for the course work and program leading to your designated degree program. If you decide to change your major, be sure to notify the Compliance Office so that your satisfactory progress may be properly monitored.


Before the first day of competition each year, a NCAA orientation meeting will be held for your team. At this time, rules and procedures are explained and any questions you may have concerning eligibility are answered. You will also be asked to complete and sign NCAA and NGU forms. You may not participate in intercollegiate athletics unless you have participated in your team's NCAA orientation meeting or met individually with the Compliance Officer. This must be done prior to your first competition in each sport in which you participate. After the annual fall certification, your continued eligibility will be monitored, and an updated academic review will be conducted prior to the beginning of each term.



The NCAA has established time limitations on your athletics participation. Your participation in countable athletically related activities is limited to a maximum of four hours per day and 20 hours per week, with one day off (which may include a travel day.) Outside of the declared playing season, your participation in countable athletically related activities is limited to a maximum of eight hours per week. Countable athletically related activities include:

  • Required practice and competition;
  • Required weight training and conditioning;
  • Two hours of individual skills instruction by the coach, which was voluntarily requested by the student-athlete;
  • Participation in a departmental physical fitness class or individual workouts;
  • Departmental review of athletic practice or contest films or videotapes;
  • Required camp, clinic, or workshop participation;
  • Athletically related meetings; and
  • Required on-court/on-field activities.


You are not allowed to compete as a member of any outside team in your sport during the academic year. This includes participating in local city leagues. However, you are allowed to participate on such teams if you are not in season and North Greenville University is on an official vacation period (i.e. Thanksgiving or Winter break). If you have any doubt as to if you are allowed to participate on an outside team, please contact the Compliance Office before you engage in any sort of outside competition. Violations of this rule could result in the loss of your eligibility. Ask before you act!


Complimentary admissions to team competitions are distributed in accordance with NCAA rules and regulations, which allow each student-athlete no more than four complimentary admissions per event in his/her sport. NCAA regulations do not allow the distribution of "hard tickets." Admission is through a gate list. Photo I.D. is required by the guest at the gate to obtain admission.


Each student-athlete must sign up for his/her complimentary admissions through his/her coaching staff according to the timeline designated by the ticket manager prior to the season. On the Complimentary Admissions pass list you must indicate the individuals who are to receive complimentary admissions. Please print both the first and last names, legibly and correctly. Do not use nicknames since the name and spelling on the pass list must match the name on the recipient's photo I.D.

Please inform your guests that they must present valid photo ID's in order to obtain admission. The designated gate will open one hour prior to the game and remain open until the end of the first half (or halftime). Once your guests are admitted, they will sign for a seat location pass; hard copies of tickets are not distributed.



Although in the future you may need to hire an agent to represent you with professional sports organizations, while you are competing for North Greenville University it is essential that you follow the NCAA rules relating to professional sports. NCAA rules concerning agents and professional sports are explained during the compliance and eligibility meetings at the beginning of the season. If you have any questions, contact your head coach and/or the Compliance Office.


The NCAA and North Greenville University Athletic Department opposes all forms of legal and illegal sports wagering. Sports wagering has the potential to undermine the integrity of sports contests, and jeopardizes the welfare of student-athletes and the intercollegiate athletics community. Sports wagering demeans the competition and competitors alike by a message that is contrary to the purposes and meaning of "sport." Sports competition should be appreciated for the inherent benefits related to participation of student-athletes, coaches and institutions in fair contests, not the amount of money wagered on the outcome of the competition.

For these reasons, the NCAA membership adopted NCAA Bylaw 10.3 prohibiting athletics department staff members and student-athletes from engaging in gambling activities as they relate to intercollegiate or professional sporting events. NCAA Bylaw 10.3 stipulates that staff members of the athletics department of a member institution and student-athletes shall not knowingly: 
a. Provide information to individuals involved in organized gambling activities concerning intercollegiate athletics competition; 
b. Solicit a bet on any intercollegiate team; 
c. Accept a bet on any team representing the institution; or 
d. Participate in any gambling activity that involves intercollegiate athletics or professional athletics, through a bookmaker, a parlay card or any other method employed by organized gambling.



When a prospective student-athlete visits North Greenville, you may be asked to serve as his or her host. From your own recruitment experience, you know that the NCAA has strict rules and regulations that must be followed.

  • As a host, North Greenville may provide you $30 a day.
  • For an additional student-athlete you may receive $15 a day.
  • Use the money for "actual and necessary" expenses.
  • Use the money for entertainment and snacks.
  • Do NOT use the money for souvenirs (hats, T-shirts, logo items).
  • If complimentary admissions are part of the visit, your coach will explain the procedure.
  • Both you and your guest will need to show a photo ID for admission.