Crusaders Look to Make Improvements on Facilities
Tuesday, February 10, 2009
Crusaders Look to Make Improvements on Facilities

The Baseball Program needs your support!

Coach Henson is bringing a new era to the NGU Baseball program. He is committed to bringing our school a winning baseball program, but he cannot do it without our financial support.

The program is in need of some important improvements and tools which will aid and empower the program. The team's goal is to raise $40,000 this year for the following improvements:

New Batting Cages and Hitting Area                    $  15,000 (Goal achieved!)

New Hitting Machine                                             $  5,000

Black Windscreen/Red Poly Cap for Outfield       $  5,000 (Goal achieved!)

Full Field Weather Tarp                                         $  5,000

Two New Foul Poles                                              $  3,000

New Back Stop Netting                                         $  2,000

Jugs Radar Gun                                                     $  800

Three New L Pitching Screens                              $  600

Hitting Aids (Tees and Nets)                                $  400

The improvements needed for 2009 are as follows:

Home Plate Turf                                                   $  7,000

New Travel Uniforms                                            $  5,000

New Home Uniforms                                             $  5,000 (Goal achieved!)

JD 1200A Bunker Rake                                         $  4,500

Turf In Front of Both Dugouts                               $  4,000 

New Scoreboard Sign                                            $  500

Backstop Padding                                                  $  500

Home Plate / Mound Covers                                 $  300

Over the next four years, the team's goal is to raise a total of $500,000 which will fund the following major improvements:

Stadium Lights                                                      $  250,000

Bleachers                                                              $  125,000

Press Box                                                              $  80,000

Concession Stand                                                  $  45,000

Please be apart of history at NGU by offering your support and prayers to Coach Henson and the baseball program, and be a witness to the winning transformation.  Please make your 100% tax deductible donation payable to the North Greenville University and mail it to: North Greenville University Athletic Dept., PO Box 1892, Tigerville, SC 29688 Attention:  Micah Sepko Assistant AD

These improvements are desperately needed and are not possible without YOU!

Thank you for your support as we work to glorify Him through our wonderful University and sports programs.