Track and Field Continues Athletic Public Service
Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Track and Field Continues Athletic Public Service

Tigerville, S.C.—In an attempt to unify the North Greenville University community, the North Greenville Athletics department, including administration and teams, will come together to perform community service projects around the Tigerville campus.

The work continued today, when the North Greenville University track and field teams , along with NGU Sport Management washed the buses used to transport athletic teams to upcoming contests. “This is our way of giving back to the University,” remarked Assistant Athletic Director Micah Sepko. “We feel like this a good place to start, and we plan on helping out wherever we can for the entire year.”

Public Relations Graduate Assistant Danielle Duff says its important for athletes to get involved. “For me, personally, its easy to get caught up in the day to day. I know for our athletes a lot of what they do revolves around classes and practice. I think it’s important to have these opportunities to give back, to have something outside of your sport or your job. I am looking forward to working with our athletic department staff, coaches, and teams to get our people out in the community, whether it be our campus community or otherwise, and start making an impact.”

The Community service projects will continue throughout the year as NGU athletics looks to make a positive impact on the NGU Campus, and surrounding areas.