Monday, November 24, 2008

My first order of B’sness is to wish everyone a safe and blessed Thanksgiving. 

God gave me the talent to write and it has been an absolute delight for me to crank out many of the releases and features on our student-athletes and coaches this semester.  Keep watching for the B’s Buzz in the future.  May God bless you during this time with family and friends and may He bring prosperity to us all in the future.

One from the “did you know” category --  The NCCAA, of which NGU is a member, is headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, and it strives to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ through its 21 National Championships and 3 National Invitational’s.  For more information on the NCCAA, contact the organization’s national office at (864) 250-1199 or by email, info@thenccaa.org.  Visit the NCCAA website at www.thenccaa.org

I enjoyed watching our basketball teams this past weekend at Hayes Gym – the atmosphere was awesome.  The Crusader band did a talented job, and along with the NGU cheerleaders, they really presented a quality basketball environment.  As I teach my event management students, it’s all about the ‘experience.’

When Coach Chad Lister had the freshmen backcourt of T.J. Resper and Jason Wray, along with Tyler Mains, and the frontcourt of freshman Paul Harrison and junior Kyler Vitko, good things happened.  I liked their energy Saturday.

Senior center Amanda Milner (Clover, SC) is off to a great start at 16 ppg and 7.3 rebounds.   Speaking of scoring, how about freshman Karly Stache (Louisville, TN) putting up 30 points on Converse in only her second game as a Crusader?

Did you know … you can catch all Crusader home basketball games on 95.5 FM The Vibe.  Better idea yet … come in person to the games in Hayes Gym!!

Congrats to the many Crusader football, volleyball, and soccer players who have been honored by the ICAA and the NCCAA in recent weeks.  For a complete list, to the athletic website (www.ngcrusaders.com).

My wife poked me in the ribs during the basketball game and said the band was going to play “Wooly Booly” next.   Sure enough, they played it, and my reply was, “how did you know that?”  Turns out the band director was holding up a little card that said “Wooly Booly.”  Oh!  Small detail, but important. 

BCS scenario posed by Dr. B (Univ. of Texas ’78):  Texas beats Texas A&M, Oklahoma defeats Oklahoma State, Florida beats Alabama in SEC title game.  BCS championship game – Texas v. Florida.  Of course, there are still a lot of “what ifs,” but that’s what makes sports interesting.  Everyone has to win out, and OU will make noise because of their resounding win over Texas Tech.  But, Texas really beat Tech (it was a fluke right)?!  Fun stuff. 

Wonder how hard President-Elect Obama will push the Obama Bowl?

Although the Crusader men’ s and women’s soccer teams did not advance to the NCCAA national championships in Orlando next week, NGU extends a hearty ‘congrats’ to both teams and men’s coach Chad Gfeller and first-year women’s coach Jesse McCormick for a great year.  McCormick is the turnaround coach of the year right now because the women were 2-10-2 a year ago.  Nice going rookie!

Crusader athletics would love to have more sponsors involved with NGU home basketball games.  If your company or business would like to provide giveaways to be handed out to Crusader students and fans, or sponsor an in-game promotion, please contact Micah Sepko at (864) 977-7157.

As you celebrate Thanksgiving, and watch the parades, the pageantry, and yes, the Texas-Texas A&M game, be reminded that when you utter superlatives like “wow, what a great play; what a team; what a wonderful dinner, that you should put those into God’s perspective … “what an awesome God; I can’t believe how God has given us so much; Can you believe that God sent Jesus to die for our sins?”  Just keep that in mind, and have a little pep rally for Jesus in between the main course and dessert!

God bless you all this Thanksgiving!