Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What a great crowd at the NGU-Kentucky Wesleyan football game last Saturday night.  The question remains … what happened to the rest of the folks that were at the season opener?  Plan on inviting all your close friends and relatives to the next game. 
• Calendar item – Thursday, Oct. 9, 7:00 p.m. NGU vs. #3 North Alabama
• Major cheers to the Crusader women’s soccer team for putting together a school best four-game win streak to open the season
• Buuuummmpp … seeetttttt …. Spiikkkkeeeee … Next home volleyball game – Tuesday, Sept. 23 at 7:00 p.m. vs. Southern Wesleyan (Hayes Gym)
• I wonder if the New York Giants scout at the NGU-Newberry football game was watching the right red jerseys.
• Is soccer freshman Ashlyn Henderson really 4-9?  National awards don’t take height into consideration as she was named the Independents Collegiate Conference Association’s (ICAA) National Soccer Player of the Week.
• An invitation to NGU fans – please be sure to patronize the newest (and largest ever) donor to the Crusader Club … Techtronic Industries of North American (TTI), marketers of power tools like Homelite, Ryobi, and Ridgid which can all be purchased at local Home Depots!  TTI donated $25,000 to the athletic support group and the least we can do is pay back that sponsorship!  I could use one of those cool soil tillers at my house.
• Upcoming Football game promotions:  Oct. 9 – R.A. Night (all RA’s admitted free); Oct. 25 – NGU Homecoming; Nov. 1 – Military Appreciation Day.
• How about that beautiful grass outside Younts Stadium for tailgating?  Clemson may be proud of theirs, but ours is more thick and lush.  Come take your shoes off and enjoy it Oct. 9.
• NGU students need to join campus tradition and take part with the NGU band and cheerleaders in the Crusader Walk from the Neves fountain one hour before home football games. 
• The band always reminds us why we’re here … “Victory in Jesus!” (I personally liked the version of the Pink Panther theme at halftime)
• Be sure to visit the band’s table at the next home game and buy a shirt to support our incredible musicians.
• One from the “took me a minute” department … What’s an SAA?  The Student Alumni Association … doip.  If you’re a NGU alumnus, please contact Jason Ross in development for more information.  SAA will sponsor a booth at all remaining home games.
• Welcome to Moe’s … selling burritos before home NGU games.
• How cool was it watching the guy from TTI slicing up logs with his Homelite chain saw!!
• Find out for me … how many football stadiums in America have all chair back seating?  Younts does!
• Dr. Wilson Nelson, Crusader Club Director, grew a new head of hair for the last home game.  Be sure to ask him what his revitalization formula is.
• If you really want to feel like you’re out there warming up for the game … join the Crusader Club and attend the pre-game function in the Hendricks Athletic Center in the South End Zone. 
• NGU showed well for Freshman Encounter Day and Parents’ Weekend last Saturday.  If you visited, welcome, and come back soon.
• Golf and Crusaders – area golfers have two chances in the next month to hit the links and support our growing university.  Monday, Sept. 29 at the Links ‘O Tryon.  Captain’s Choice Tournament with shotgun start at 12:30 p.m.  Contact Men’s Basketball Coach Chad Lister at 977-7155 for details.  The annual Marion Moorhead Alumni and Friends Golf Tournament is Friday, Oct. 24 at Cherokee Valley Golf Course.  The event begins at 10:00 a.m. with lunch and 18 great holes of golf.  Contact the NGU Development Office at 977-7017 for information.
• What a great idea to integrate NGU student-athletes into the game day management structure.  Crusader athletes rotate taking part in the concession stands, parking, security and other home duties.
• I still need to get senior sport management major Bridgett Smith to autograph her cover photo in the Skyliner for me.
• Know where the biggest traffic jam was after the home victory? … trying to get down the stairs to join the electric post-game atmosphere down on the home turf.
• Can’t get to campus to buy the latest Crusader gear?  There was an excellent assortment of stuff for sale on the Younts Stadium concourse.
• Break open the piggy banks so that we can buy a big high definition matrix board for Younts Stadium.  That would take care of the little booly woogers in the stadium clock.
• The cheerleaders’ sign ‘Attack Those Panthers’ for the team to charge onto the field was noticed and is appreciated
• How about Andre Bernardi catching his first career touchdown pass as his All-American defensive career continues to blossom?  Hey Coach Taylor, when are you going to try him at running back?
• I’ve always wondered what goes through the mind of the team captains when they walk out to mid field for the coin toss …. Heads or tails?  Anybody know our record this season?
• Micah Sepko’s Saturday was a bit lengthy … try 21 hours.  He was up at 4:00 a.m. to take his cross country teams to a meet.  Then, he came back to campus to set up the field for the home football game.  He stuck around until 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning to make sure the field was secure and all statistics and game stories were filed.  He is a true devoted servant to NGU.