Monday, September 1, 2008

My son Rob and I were fortunate to accompany Assistant Athletic Director/SID Micah Sepko to the NGU-Liberty football game in Virginia this past weekend.  If you were there, you truly understand how hard the team fought against a massive team.  I thought I’d add a few notes to help persuade NGU fans to get out and support the football and all other Crusader fall sports.

• It is great to be out of SID retirement.  The Liberty game was the first intercollegiate event I worked as a sports information director since 2000.
• Have you ever stood back and watched how much ground Micah Sepko can cover in a short period of time?
• Gazing out of the Liberty press box at a sea of some 6,000-8,000 red shirted LUnatics students who were screaming their lungs out, all I could think was … how do we get that?  (the press box at NGU is much more luxurious than Liberty’s)
• Dr. Wilson Nelson looked and sounded like Brent Musburger as he handled the radio broadcast for the game (you can catch all NGU games on radio at 95.5 FM)
• Mmm, mmm, mmm … I can taste that Low Country Boil next Saturday right now!
• Keep a sharp eye out for the one-two punch of Rashad Cummings and Matt Moore against teams where the defensive line does average close to 300 pounds
• Richard Harb is going to be a pretty darn good quarterback
• I wonder how many people now know where NGU and Tigerville are after viewing the game nationwide on Family Net TV?
• I walked around the area inside the Liberty stadium and felt like I was on the midway at the circus.  Tents, jumpy houses, food booths, fire eaters (just kidding).  It was really fun to have college football season going again
• What a cool sight seeing all the NGU cheerleaders, the mascot and the band down on the field during the game at Liberty.  Congrats to those outstanding performers
• The Liberty offensive line could not stop Andre Bernardi one on one in the first half (he had 8 tackles and a sack), so they started double teaming him in the second half
• Have you ever heard how the term “sack” was coined?  I heard it on a radio talk show on the way to Liberty Saturday.  Seems that Deacon Jones of the Fearsome Foursome (LA Rams) created the term to get some publicity for the lowly paid Ram defensive line.  He said he wanted to put all offensive linemen in a sack, and beat them with a stick.  Thus, the term “sack” came about when he beat the O line and got to the quarterback.  It worked according to Jones.  The D line were the worst paid in the NFL when he came in.  When he retired after a Hall of Fame career, they were second behind quarterbacks.  Makes a sports comm. Professor proud!
• The press box stats spotters kept calling out names like Nick Rosamonda, Jereme Green, Richard Harb, Marcus Middleton, and Michael Sears.  With the exception of Harb, the rest are freshmen.  You’ll hear their names a lot this season.
• Check out ngcrusaders.com to get all the latest on Crusader athletics
• Next road game opportunity – Thursday, Sept. 11 at #20 Newberry – 7:00 p.m.

Written with NGU pride by Dr. Fred Battenfield, Assistant Sports Information Director (and sometime Associate Professor of Sport Management)